Dr Red Capsule(30) + Kbz (Power Capsule, Remove Problems For Extra Power)

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You can increase the penis size to at least 8 centimeters in 30 days and have intercourse five times in a row.

It is certified by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

My name is Kishore, and I bring you a scientific method to increase the size of the penis and increase the duration of intercourse.

This remedy has many obvious effects:

  • Your penis will become longer and thicker
  • Stambhaana dosha will disappear.
  • The duration of intercourse will increase to at least 20 minutes.
  • Your sex life will improve.
  • Your female partner will have five consecutive orgasms.
I not only promise, but I can prove it through scientific experiments.

Whether you are solving this problem for the first time, or have tried many times to solve it in other ways - it does not matter. I have good news for you.

If you have tried to solve this problem through any drugs before, you know that all efforts were in vain and even if it has an effect, it only improves the erection and that too only temporarily. If you are trying this for the first time then you are in luck. Now you will know the right way, and save a lot of money that could be spent on useless products. I want to show you real picture of my assistant Rajesh. Her penis grew 7.5 cm, and the duration of intercourse increased by 15 minutes.

This effect is visible after using this remedy for 2 weeks.

  • His penis grew by 6.4 cm without using a pump or gel.
  • The walls of the penis have grown 63% and he is now able to have intercourse five times in a row.
  • Whenever he wants to have sex, his penis is as strong and hard as iron.
  • The erection lasted longer, and the number of orgasms of his sexual partner increased.
  • Her libido and testosterone levels increased, and energy in bed and penile sensitivity greatly improved.

This effect on Rajesh is not surprising.

Several experiments confirm similar results. In the study, we measured the volunteers' testosterone levels before and after the test, as well as the size of the genitals. And the effectiveness of this remedy was confirmed in 97% of cases. And not only among volunteers, but also among actual customers. The stories made with him are very interesting:

It really works! My penis size was normal. 18.2 cm in length. But I shouldn't miss such an opportunity, right? My penis length is now 23.4. Now I have become a real monster, and I feel like Africans can't even have a penis that big. I had a hard time finding the right drug for me, but women love a good dick.

Herbal of Power increased my penis size by 6.9 cm, and my penis also became firmer.

Don't you have more passion in bed? I am never tired in bed after using this product. I am 34 years old. The length of my penis has increased to 20.3 cm, and now there is a new energy in sex! I hate low quality products that have no effect. My friends and I have tried many things, and this is the only product that has worked. I don't regret my decision. I regret that I did not have this product earlier.

How to increase penis length by 8 cm and increase erectile power with the help of science?

Everything is very simple. After the pills reach the body, within a few days you will notice that you start having frequent erections. You don't need to change your diet, nor do you need to do any kind of exercise. Pills will naturally make your life better.

It's not magic, it's science that helps improve your virility. It has a complex effect of a special combination of ingredients, which will be useful not only for the rapid growth of the penis, but also for increasing the amount of testosterone, with the help of which blood circulation and sexual desire will also be improved.

Results are expressed in percentage.

Increased duration of intercourse Increased arousal experienced by the sexual partner Testosterone levels Penis size Penis thickness Increased libido

When your penis is small, you always feel embarrassed and lack confidence. But now you know you have found the solution. Until a few years ago I thought so. You only have to do this course once

I request you because I really want you to see the powerful effect of this remedy.

Experiments show that the formula of the product is pure and natural, and has no side effects. It mainly consists of rare herbs and natural extracts, and their effects have been confirmed by several national laboratories and most importantly, approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Its formula is patented and confidential and we do not have the right to share information about its ingredients with anyone.

Would you like to join thousands of people who are proud of their 20cm long penis?

I gave you all information about this remedy without any difficulty. Now you know how it works and how it can help you, as well as its impact on end users. And I know that taking the first step on the road to penis enlargement is very difficult. So, I really want to help you. But I am not only giving you an option, but I am also giving some guarantees.

If a person uses Herbal of Power and does not get the desired results, he will get a 100% refund. The company guarantees that you are at no risk!

The only company in our Gujarat which promises 100% profit


It is very simple. You will only pay for actual results, not promises. To avail this service, please fill out the form below and we will call you.

Important to know:

100% guarantee. Your order will be packed in a gray box without any logo, stamp or product information.

Completely safe delivery will be made.

Dr Red Capsule(30) + Kbz (Power Capsule, Remove Problems For Extra Power)

Regular price Rs. 3,000.00
Sale price Rs. 3,000.00 Regular price Rs. 8,000.00


These Men's Health Sex Power Capsule that help man to increase the size of their male organ naturally and improve erection strength and power to penetrate deeper and firmer. This powerful supplement increase blood flow to the male genital areas resulting in thicker, fuller and larger erections. The unique combination of powerful herbs in the Capsules helps to increase the size of the erectile tissue chambers, thus enhancing both length and width by enabling them to hold more blood.


How to Use
1-2 capsules twice daily with water or milk or as directed by physician.
Safety Precautions
Not Recommended for Pregnant women & children. Keep out of reach of children. Storage: Store in cool & dry Place.


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Good product

Good one

Good product for sexual life

I am using this last one week having great results.


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Worth buying it

Good product

Worth buying it

Excellent product I was feeling tiredness throughout the day but after using this product I feel energetic. The good thing about it was, the Amazon delivered it timely